Israeli General Vows to Level Civilian Homes in Next Lebanon War

Says Wiping Out Villages Will Be 'Harsh Blow' to Hezbollah

Speaking on Israeli Army Radio today, Brigadier General Moni Katz bragged about the large number of civilian homes the Israeli military will destroy across Southern Lebanon the next time a war breaks out in that area.

Though Katz said he sees the calm on the border continuing for the “foreseeable future,” he also says destroying the homes in southern villages will be a “harsh blow” to Hezbollah.

Israeli Air Force Major General Amir Eshel had previously talked up plans to launch attacks primarily against residential areas across Lebanon in the next war, saying Israel will inflict high civilian casualties in the conflict.

Israel’s style of warfare lends itself to massive civilian death tolls against their targets, and while Israeli politicians regularly deny the killings as intentional, top Israeli military brass seem to revel in the large body counts they plan to accrue in future wars.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of