Israeli Officials ‘Furious’ Over Iran Nuclear Deal

Officials Declare Framework an 'Historic Mistake'

It’s unsurprising given the decades of hostility they’ve shown toward diplomacy in general, but Israeli officials are reacting with outrage at the announcement of a framework deal between Iran and the international community.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has promised to do everything in his power to prevent an agreement, says that the framework “threatens Israel’s survival” by allowing Iran to keep portions of its civilian nuclear program.

Netanyahu and other officials are insisting the deal guarantees Iran will acquire nuclear weapons within the next year, though of course they have been predicting Iran would do so virtually non-stop since the Iranian revolution.

The Iran deal limits the nation’s civilian nuclear program and grants the IAEA unprecedented access to nuclear facilities. By contrast, Israel is known to have a significant nuclear weapons program, and has resisted all international oversight of their nuclear activities.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of