US-Backed Rebels Seize Syria-Jordan Border Crossing

Military Loses Nasib Crossing for First Time in War

While their various allies across northern Syria have been all but wiped out in attacks by both the Syrian military and rival Islamist rebel factions, the Free Syrian Army has claimed a major gain today, capturing the Nasib border crossing on the border with Jordan.

This was the only functioning border crossing between Syria and Jordan, and had been under military control throughout the civil war. Jordan has announced this crossing is being closed.

The US has been training the FSA and other rebels inside Jordan, and sending them in to fight Syria, though this is the first significant gain they’ve had outside of an older, already closed crossing.

The Nasib Crossing lies on the Damascus-Amman highway, and was materially the last functional land route from Damascus to another country, with most other routes closed by war.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of