Pentagon Sends Wish List to Congress, Demands Bigger Budget

Already Billions Over Budget, Pentagon Wants More

The US military spends more than any other military on the planet, indeed several-fold. They also appear to complain more than any other military about not getting enough.

So even though the planned 2016 Pentagon budget is already $34 billion over the budget caps, the Pentagon has submitted a new round of “wish lists,” seeking large amounts of additional funds for warplanes.

It’s never enough to just ask, they also have to be ingrates about it, with the wish lists coming with a screed warning Congress that it wouldn’t accept any of these warplanes unless they also come with an even bigger military spending.

There is already a growing split in the Republican Majority over this question, as budget hawks concerned about runaway spending run headlong into the more traditional hawks, who see any conceivable weapon of war as an absolute must, cost be damned.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of