Arab States Already Planning to Extend Attack on Yemen

Officials Demand Houthis' Immediate Surrender

Even though he resigned in January, former Yemen President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi was feted by the Arab League as the nation’s current ruler, as Sunni Arab member states led by Saudi Arabia prepare an invasion of Yemen to reinstall him.

Hadi endorsed the nascent war, demanding the Houthis’ immediate surrender and urging the nations to continue attacking Yemeni cities until he is returned to his dubious seat of power.

Hadi was “elected” in early 2012 in a UN-organized vote in which he was the only candidate permitted, and “no” votes were not allowed. The US in particular was keen on this single-candidate system, touting it as a model for the region.

The Arab states are focusing more on the war at this point, as they rarely get a chance to attack Shi’ites in such a direct and wholesale manner as they will have in Yemen, and with a perceived US imprimatur.

Already, officials confirm, they’re planning to extend that war. Initially they saw the war in Yemen as something quick, at most a month-long campaign. Now, they are saying it’ll last 5-6 months.

In reality, a sectarian war focusing on cities will not be so easily won in any way that resembles winning, and reinstalling Hadi for another term in office is liable to take years, and a major military commitment to keep him in power going forward.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of