Kerry Updates Israel as Iran Deal Looks Imminent

Officials Say 2-3 Page Deal Nearly Finalized

Western officials are continuing to talk up the need for Iran to show flexibility in the nuclear talks, but a framework for the final nuclear settlement seems all but a sure bet in the next few days, with officials saying the text is about 2-3 pages long.

The clearest sign from the US that this is no false report of another bogus deal is that Secretary of State John Kerry has formally notified Israel of some of the contents of the deal.

Which Israeli officials are calling “incomprehensibly bad,” but isn’t necessarily to be taken as any more from them than the usual bluster, as they viewed pretty much every proposed deal in this came manner.

The reports seem largely in keeping with what’s been talked of in recent weeks, with Iran keeping some 6,000 of its 10,000 operating centrifuges up and running, but only at the level of low enrichment to fuel the Bushehr Power Plant. The lifting of sanctions will also, as expected, be phased.

The deal won’t be the full text of the final settlement, which is probably not to come until late June at the earlier, but will form the rough form of what that final text will take.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of