Ukraine Rebels Begin Withdrawing Heavy Weapons From Frontlines

Rebel Commanders Say Move Will Take About Two Weeks

Over a week into the ceasefire, fighting between Ukraine’s military and eastern rebels has slowed to a near-halt, and with the fighting around Debaltseve resolved, the rebels are moving to implement other aspects of the ceasefire.

The rebels today announced that they are beginning the process of withdrawing heavy weapons from the frontlines of the conflict, a process they say will take approximately two weeks.

Reuters confirmed that the movement has begun today, reporting a convoy of howitzers and anti-aircraft weaponry being withdrawn from Debaltseve and toward the rebel capital of Donetsk.

Earlier this weekend, rebels and military also exchanged prisoners near Luhansk, another positive sign that the terms of the ceasefire are by and large being implemented. Skirmishes are still happening, but fewer and fewer.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of