Report: Netanyahu Ordered Leaks to Sabotage US-Iran Talks

Netanyahu Complains About US Limiting Info-Sharing

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is marveling at reports that the Obama Administration is limiting the amount of information on the Iran negotiations it shares with him, insisting that proves the deal must be a bad one.

Yet US officials say they believe Netanyahu has authorized his government to leak any details provided that might be used to sabotage the talks, and indeed Netanyahu has openly promised to “do anything” to kill the negotiations.

Netanyahu’s assessment of the deal as “bad” is totally independent of the content of the deal, as he has made clear time and again that any deal with Iran is something he opposes on general principle.

When the US was far from a deal, Netanyahu was content to let the talks continue, saying the lack of a deal proved Iran wasn’t serious. Now that the US and Iran are close, he is totally inconsolable, furiously demanding that the talks be halted and accusing the US of deliberately making a deal that he finds objectionable.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of