Scores Killed as Syrian Govt, Rebels Trade Fire Around Damascus

Rebels Vow to 'Cleanse' Capital With Artillery

At least 62 people, and by most accounts even more, were killed Thursday as Syrian military and rebel forces traded rocket and artillery fire across metro Damascus.

Fighting started with rebels from the Army of Islam shelling the capital. Five were killed according to state media, though others put the toll as nine or more.

This got rounds of tit-for-tat firing started, and throughout the day both sides pounded the other leaving another 57 dead. Almost all of the casualties from both sides were said to be civilians.

Damascus is predominantly held by the Syrian government, though various rebel factions hold suburbs around the city, which has made for a lot of fighting, and a lot of civilians being displaced by it.

The Army of Islam, part of the Islamic Front faction, says they’re going to continue to launch airstrikes to “cleanse” Damascus of government forces. Years into the civil war, it seems, hope still springs eternal.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of