Boko Haram Continues Cameroon Rampage, 91 Civilians Killed

500 Others Wounded as Boko Haram Fighters Hold Town

A Wednesday offensive in northeastern Nigeria led to the deaths of hundreds of Boko Haram fighters, but also chased about 800 of them across the border into Cameroon, where they’ve been rampaging through Fotokol ever since.

On Wednesday, there were reports of 100 people killed when Boko Haram moved against the mosque. Though at the time Cameroon claimed to have driven them away, today the indication is that the fighters are still in Fotokol, and 91 civilians have been reported slain.

The overall death toll seems far from finalized, and could rise precipitously, as some 800 Boko Haram fighters hold the town, and estimates are more than 500 wounded people remain trapped, unable to seek medical attention.

French warplanes were said to be flying over Fotokol, providing intelligence about the worsening situation on the ground. French officials followed that up by chiding the assorted regional militaries for not doing more against Boko Haram.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of