Israel Attacks Syrian Army Posts Along Golan Frontier

Claims Retaliation for 'Hezbollah' Rocket Attacks

Claiming earlier in the day that Hezbollah had fired a pair of rockets at Israel, doing no damage and causing no injuries, Israeli artillery and warplanes attacked Syria Tuesday, confirming “direct hits” on several army posts.

Israeli officials insisted the rockets that landed in the Golan Heights were a “blatant violation of Israeli sovereignty,” and that they considered Syria responsible since they are allied with Hezbollah.

They offered no explanation for why they figured Hezbollah was behind the initial rocket fire. It is true that Hezbollah was looking to retaliate against them after Israel attacked Syria recently, killing several of Hezbollah’s top anti-ISIS leaders, but the group seems like it would be able to muster more than just a couple stray rockets that didn’t damage anything.

There are still no reports on the extent of the damage on the Syrian side, though with multiple army bases apparently targeted, it is likely that the Assad government’s anti-ISIS capabilities just took another big hit from Israel, who has been attacking off and on for months now.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of