SOCOM Clears Green Berets Over Friendly Fire Deaths in Afghanistan

No Disciplinary Action Over Worst Such Incident of War

On June 9, in the single deadliest incident of friendly fire by US forces in the entire war, a US B-1B Lancer bomber US forces, killing five of them and an Afghan soldier. Today, the US Army cleared the Green Berets involved of any wrongdoing.

This was in spite of previous investigations into the incident determining it was “completely avoidable” had the troops simply followed “standard tactics” and understood their equipment’s capabilities.

Controversy surrounded the incident, as the B1-B bomber was flying at an altitude too high to pick up the standard marking devices US troops have to avoid that specific problem.

The Green Berets dismissed the allegations and slammed the initial investigation, saying that the fault ultimately lies with whoever gave them the B1-B in the first place. SOCOM Commander Lt. Gen. Charles Cleveland, himself a Green Beret, concurred, and insisted that no disciplinary action will be taken.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of