Experts Say North Korea Not Behind Sony Hack

Evidence Discredits US Allegations

Though the FBI declared North Korea to be behind the Sony Pictures hack, and North Korean Internet outages have been speculated to be “US retaliation” against them, evidence now suggests North Korea had nothing to do with it.

Initial speculation about the hack was that it was an insider attack, and while that was publicly dropped when the FBI started blaming North Korea, security experts pouring over evidence say the Guardians of Peace group who carried out the attack appears to have been six people, including at least one former Sony Pictures employee with extensive knowledge of the networks attacked.

Independent investigators are pointing to a woman who formerly worked for Sony, and who has been referred to only as “Lena” as instrumental in the attack.

Whoever the attackers turn out to be, it appears they were not state actors in any way, and the FBI may well have uncovered further details about them as well, if they’d investigated instead of just going on a wild goose chase to try to turn it into an international incident.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of