US Officials Say Iran Made Major New Concessions in Nuclear Talk Extension

Iran Agreed to More Snap Inspections by IAEA

Struggling to defend the nuclear negotiation extension with Iran to Congressional opponents who didn’t like the talks to begin with, the Obama Administration is claiming major new concessions were made by Iran to see talks continue.

The Associated Press say it has seen a secret document on the terms for the next seven months of talks, and that it includes, among other things, Iran agreeing to snap inspections by the IAEA and to convert much of its remaining uranium to fuel.

The conversion includes the last 35 kg of more highly enriched uranium oxide, which Iran was producing for fuel rods for the Tehran Research Reactor. They’ve agreed to finish the conversion into fuel rods to eliminate Western claims they could enrich further.

The administration has been presenting the document to Congressional officials in an attempt to convince them to hold off on new sanctions which would violate the agreement and would derail the talks.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of