ISIS Bombings Target Peshmerga, Iraqi Police

Anbar Police Chief Killed in IED Blasts

While ISIS has spread beyond the traditional insurgent tactics of hit and run bomb blasts, they clearly have not forgotten their roots, and are continuing to use such attacks alongside their growing military operations.

Today’s wave of bombings, both suicide and IED-based blasts, targeted various combatants on the other sides, killing at least 15 Peshmerga in attacks arround the Peshmerga veteran affairs bureau. Other reports put the toll much higher, including former Peshmerga looking to sign up to return to the fight.

An IED blast attack against a convoy of Iraqi forces in Anbar Province killed the provincial police chief, Major General Ahmed Saddag. The bombing took place on the outskirts of ISIS-held Ramadi, where four other police were also reported wounded.

Bombings across Iraq are commonplace, and becoming more so with every passing week. Soaring death tolls are expected to get even worse now, with ISIS so close to the outskirts of Baghdad.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of