ISIS Adds Reinforcements as Kobani Offensive Continues

Kurds Holding On to Last of the Town

ISIS are said to be pouring large numbers of reinforcements into the area around the border town of Kobani tonight, after gains in the city stalled amid resistance from the remaining Kurdish militias.

ISIS was pushing into Kobani for a month, and finally got into the town itself on Thursday. Gains were reported up to Saturday, though the Kurds say they have “thwarted” attempts by ISIS to take the rest of the town.

Despite bravado among Kurdish leaders, the situation seems to be going poorly, and an ISIS takeover seems inevitable, with the real question simply how much longer the Kurds can hold out.

Civilians have been fleeing into neighboring Turkey for weeks now, anticipating the fall of Kobani, though there are claims that as many as 500 Kurdish civilians remain inside the town.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of