East Ukraine Ceasefire Holds, But Clashes Continue Around Donetsk

Swiss Red Cross Worker Killed in Overnight Shelling

Though the ceasefire that brought the eastern Ukraine war to a halt is holding across 90+ percent of the country, the rebel capital of Donetsk continues to be a flashpoint, with the military continuing to shell rebel-held residential neighborhoods, and rebels still trying to take the airport.

The latest push on the airport began this morning, and was the second time this week they tried to advance. The Ukraine military denied reports that large parts of the airport had fallen, and insisted they retained it.

Meanwhile the shelling of residential neighborhoods, which left 10 dead yesterday, continued through the night, killing a Swiss Red Cross worker outside the organization’s Donetsk office.

Ukraine denied the shelling that hit the Red Cross worker, even though it was against rebel-held territory. The Red Cross issued a statement warning indiscriminate shelling of residential areas violates international law.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.