US and Europe Fear Retaliation After Attacking ISIS

Officials Vow to Track Movements of Syria Returnees

The United States and its assorted allies in Europe have rejected analysts efforts to liken the new ISIS war to poking a hornets’ nest. Despite that, they’ve poked it, and it seems they are awaiting the sting.

Both the United States and EU nations involved in the war are now said to be bracing for the inevitable ISIS retaliation from their air war, with France saying they are taking “preventive” measures at public sites.

The US, by contrast, says that they focusing on trying to track the movement of people who were believed to have gone to Syria to fight and have since returned. They also added new ISIS-linked factions to the terrorism watchlist.

In both Iraq and Syria, the strikes are believed to have had little to no impact on ISIS’ control of territory. Nevertheless, officials vow to continue the attacks and, by extension, continue to await the blowback from them.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of