DHS: No Intel on ISIS Attacks Inside US

ISIS Poses a 'Remote Threat'

The Department of Homeland Security has confirmed that US intelligence currently has no indications of any current planning by ISIS to actually attack the US homeland, and told Congress as much.

That didn’t sit well with Congress, which insisted that ISIS is “the biggest threat to the homeland” irrespective of the lack of any evidence to that effect, and dismissed the DHS assessment that they are at most a “remote threat.”

President Obama similarly buried his admission that there is no specific intelligence on threats in his Wednesday speech, which centered on building up ISIS as an enormous threat to the entire planet, and one which requires a massive, US-led war.

The comments reflect an ever-growing disconnect between reality and the talking points, which are being built primarily around selling the public on a war against what, by all indications, remains a “remote threat” whose primary interest in striking the US stems from the administration launching a war against them.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.