Next Week’s NATO Summit to Focus on Escalations Against Russia

Expected to Reach Deal on More Eastern Europe Troops

The upcoming NATO summit in Estonia is expected to focus heavily on new military buildups for the alliance, with a buildup in Eastern Europe expected to be finalized, including commitments for new bases in Poland and the Baltic States.

The deployments underscore rising tensions between NATO and Russia, with many in the alliance having designs on a new Cold War, and seeing such deployments as a way to further that narrative.

The other topic of discussion is expected to be ISIS, with claims of a “threat” posed by the Islamists to Turkish territory, after years of Turkey letting them use their southern border as a staging ground for attacking Syria.

With alliance-wide involvement in the occupation of Afghanistan on the decline, NATO is looking for new conflicts to justify their continued existence. With the US already on its way to a full-scale war with ISIS, expanding the war to cover the whole of NATO could give them a major, open-ended battle to fight.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of