Rouhani: Iran Won’t Accept Restraints Beyond Existing IAEA Rules

President Warns Against Adding Non-Nuclear Tech to Talks

Addressing the ongoing P5+1 nuclear talks, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani today ruled out accepting any terms on the limitation of nuclear development that was beyond existing IAEA rules, saying he didn’t want to set a precedent for the P5+1 to limit other developing nations.

The primary objection in this regard was on the development of Explosive Bridge Wire detonators, which could be used in the creation of atomic weapons, but also have several civilian applications. Iran has provided evidence that their tests of the detonators post 2007 were related to the nation’s oil and gas industry.

It’s a common enough use, but Western members of the P5+1 are trying to limit Iran’s use of such devices under any circumstances. Given the importance of modernizing Iran’s oil industry, it’s to be expected they don’t want that to stand.

Rouhani also warned the IAEA against trying to expand inspections to include the nation’s conventional missile arsenal, noting that is totally outside of the purview of the atomic energy agency.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of