Palestinian Factions Divided of Cairo Plan for Gaza

Fatah Supports Deal, Hamas Wants More

Palestinian officials say they are increasingly pessimistic about a Gaza peace deal being reached by the end of the current ceasefire, with a growing division between Hamas and Fatah on the terms of of the Cairo plan.

The Cairo plan, the draft terms of which were leaked Friday, would end the war, open the Rafah border crossing under Fatah control, would allow easier travel between Gaza and the Wast Bank, and would increase fishing zones for the Gazans.

Fatah sees this as a pretty good deal, though Hamas has expressed annoyance that their call for a seaport under UN supervision was never even mentioned, and is seeking to get that at least touched upon in the pact.

Whether the Cairo deal ends up accepted or not, there is a general sense that the war is winding down on its own. Even though Israel is pushing threats against allowing the ceasefire to expire, there seems to be little appetite for another precipitous escalation.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of