US: Ukraine Using Ballistic Missiles Against East

Pentagon Expected to Withhold Evidence

US officials today revealed that the Ukrainian military has begun firing short-range ballistic missiles against rebels in the nation’s east, a new tactic employed over the past two days and a massive escalation of the war.

The missiles are much larger and more destructive than the rockets and artillery used in previous attacks, and are carrying 1,000 pound or larger warheads. The US refused to say what the missiles hit.

And they probably never will, meaning it will simply be a question of finding that out from the rebels. Officials say they don’t believe that the Pentagon will ever release their satellite imagery of the ballistic missiles “because these are the good guys.”

Ukraine is known to have an arsenal of 9K79 Tochka short-range tactical ballistic missiles. Such weapons were initially designed to support use of tactical, low-yield nuclear weapons, though Ukraine has no such warheads, and instead uses fragmentation payloads.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of