Israeli Military Confirms Nine Soldiers Killed Today in Gaza

Hamas Claims Higher Number of Slain Israelis

The details of the ongoing war in Gaza are sometimes unclear because of harsh military censorship inside of Israel, but the Israeli military today confirmed at least nine soldiers were killed in attacks in Gaza, including five slain in combat and another four killed by mortar fire.

That brings the official Israeli count to 52 soldiers killed during the war, along with three Israeli civilians. The Gaza toll has not been updated in almost 48 hours now, but stands at 1,139 Palestinians killed, overwhelmingly civilians.

Hamas is claiming the Israeli toll is even higher, in official statements claiming they had killed 91 soldiers and wounded hundreds. Israel has not publicly released the number of wounded.

Though polls still show the war is popular in Israel, expect that number to decrease as their conscripted military sees higher death tolls in the continuing invasion of the tiny strip.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of