No Place Is Safe as Israel Pounds Civilian Areas in Gaza

Civilians Were Ordered to Flee, But Refuges Are Also Under Attack

Israel has repeatedly defended the huge civilian toll of its Gaza War by pointing out that they warned civilians to flee their homes before the attacks. That’s true, they did.

What’s not mentioned by Israeli officials is that there’s just nowhere for those civilians to go. Families are trying desperately, but there’s not a single place in the Gaza Strip that’s not under attack by Israel pretty much constantly.

The UN, which has been trying to shelter refugees, confirmed that at this point “there is literally no safe place for civilians” in Gaza. They’ve tried too, but those schools and hospitals and what have you seem to get shelled every bit as often as everything else in Gaza.

Yet Israeli officials continue to insist that not only are the growing piles of slain civilians not their fault, but that if anything, Israel’s military really ought to be praised for not killing far more civilians. It’s kind of like putting a bunch of fish in a barrel, putting a lid on the barrel , shooting through the lid at the fish, and then patting yourself on he back for any fish that survived.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of