Israel Invades Gaza: At Least 248 Killed

Seven More Children Slain in Latest Salvo

A brief “humanitarian ceasefire” came and went earlier today in the Gaza Strip, and fresh off of that Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced the beginning of a full-scale ground invasion of the tiny Palestinian enclave.

The invasion follows what the Israeli military touted as a “blistering artillery barrage” against the strip in the moments after the ceasefire, killing many more civilians, including at least seven children.

Since the start of the Israeli airstrikes at least 248 Palestinians have been killed, and another 1,770 wounded, many of them severely so. Roughly 80 percent of the slain are civilians.

The toll is likely to grow dramatically in the hours to come, with the large ground invasion. Tanks that had been reported moving toward the strip were involved in the pre-invasion barrage, but it is so far unclear if they are also directly involved in the invasion.

The latest reports are that the invasion launched now isn’t even the end of things, as Netanyahu has convened the security cabinet for Friday morning to discuss a dramatic escalation of the scope of the invasion as well.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of