Iran Offers Concessions on Nuclear Deal, Agrees to Limit Enrichment

Would Freeze Enrichment at Current Levels for Many Years

With the deadline less than a week away, Iran seems to be going all-in on their P5+1 negotiations, putting forward a new plan on civilian enrichment that makes broad concessions not previously suggested.

Previously, Iran wanted a right to expand its uranium enrichment to the level needed for its Bushehr power plant, several times its current level. The US had ruled this out.

The new plan would have Iran agree to freeze the size of its program at current levels for many years, exactly how many was unclear from reports, with the idea being that the limit would eventually be lifted.

US officials are said to be opposed to the new deal as well, and are still insisting they want to cut Iran’s current enrichment at least in half for any deal to be acceptable.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of