Israel Orders Gazans to Flee, But Most Have Nowhere to Go

Civilians Given Less Than a Minute to Flee Bombings

Israeli warplanes are dropping leaflets on the Gaza Strip today, warning civilians to “move away” from areas that Hamas controls to avoid being hit in ongoing Israeli attacks.

That sounds great in theory, but apart from the lucky few with citizenship somewhere else, there is no place to go The strip isn’t that big, and everyplace is conceivably a target.

Residential areas are taking the bulk of the hits from Israeli airstrikes, and while the IDF makes much of their “warnings” before such attacks, many have less than a minute between the “warning” and the missile leveling their home.

Gaza is densely populated, and even if there was some place that isn’t being constantly bombarded, which there isn’t, it couldn’t possibly fit the million-plus residents.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of