Hamas Ready for Gaza Ceasefire if Israeli Airstrikes Stop

Egypt Brokering Potential Ceasefire

Egyptian intelligence officials are said to have brokered a ceasefire for the Gaza Strip which has been agreed to by Hamas, contingent only on Israel ending airstrikes against the besieged strip.

A handful of rockets have been fired out of the strip today, and Hamas has promised to stop the firing by rival factions if Israel agrees that airstrikes against Hamas targets will likewise halt.

Tensions in the occupied West Bank are at the worst level in years now, and while Israeli officials are playing up a potential military invasion of Gaza, something they do on a pretty regular basis, that would just make the West Bank situation even more unmanageable.

Egypt’s involvement is an interesting twist, as since last summer’s coup Egypt has been openly hostile to Hamas, but closer than ever to Israel. The effort to broker a ceasefire then suggests it’s being done for Israel’s good.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.