Post Kidnappings, Israel Cracks Down on Its Detainees

MPs Call for Israel to Recapture Freed Prisoners

Israel was already looking to spite the Palestinians every way it could think of, and in the wake of the kidnapping of three teens earlier this week by an al-Qaeda-linked faction that effort is picking up pace.

Israeli officials say that they have imposed harsh new conditions of Palestinian prisoners they are already holding on unrelated charges, and are launching new diplomatic efforts to try to get Palestinian aid cut.

Despite Israeli officials giving credence to the claim of the al-Qaeda faction, they have also insisted that officially they are going to blame Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, and some have suggested Secretary of State John Kerry is really to blame.

Looking to spread the blame around even more, several hawkish MPs are also pushing a new bill that would call for the Israeli government to retroactively renege on prisoner releases done during the failed peace talks, recapturing all of them in what officials say will be “deterrence.”

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of