Afghan Presidential Front-Runner Survives Suicide Attack on Convoy

Six Killed, 22 Wounded in Blasts

Afghan Presidential election front-runner Abdullah Abdullah appeared on television today to assure supporters that he was still alive and unharmed after his convoy was hit by a pair of suicide bomb blasts in Kabul.

Abdullah and the convoy were traveling between campaign events in the Afghan capital at the time of the attack, with two blasts in quick succession killing six people in the convoy, including one of Abdullah’s bodyguards, and wounded over 20 others.

Abdullah was traveling with Zalmay Rassoul, a candidate who didn’t make it into the run-off vote, and who has since endorsed him. Though Rassoul has yet to make any appearances, Abdullah assured he was unharmed.

Abdullah got by far the most votes in the first round, just short of what was needed to avoid a run-off with Ashraf Ghani. He has since gotten the endorsements of multiple other candidates, including Rassoul, aiming to shore up his support among the Pashtun population to secure an absolute majority in the upcoming vote.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of