In “Private,” Kerry Claims Secret Proof of Russian Involvement in Ukraine

Taped Conversation Claims Interception of Phone Calls

The Daily Beast continues to release leaked excerpts from Secretary of State John Kerry’s confidential comments at last week’s meeting of the Trilateral Commission, today focusing on a claim Kerry is said to have made about Russian involvement in the Ukraine.

While Kerry has publicly, repeatedly presented Russian involvement in the eastern Ukraine protests as “undeniable,” at the commission he claimed to have secret proof to back up those claims, in the form of intercepted Russian phone calls of “operatives taking their orders from Moscow.”

Such evidence would be potentially persuasive, assuming it actually exists. A previous US government release of proof collapsed fairly quickly when it was revealed the photographs were falsely labeled and didn’t prove what they were claiming to prove.

This round of proof has to be taken with a further grain of salt, as not only has the proof not been released for scrutiny, Kerry hasn’t even publicly affirmed that he is claiming the proof actually exists.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of