US, Russia Trade Warnings, Criticisms Over Ukraine Deal

Foreign Ministry: US Being Unreasonable

Yesterday was deal-making day in Geneva, as US and Russian officials reached a joint statement on the growing eastern Ukraine crisis. Today, that’s all but forgotten, as the two sides are back to issuing stern warnings to one another.

When the East Ukraine protesters, who weren’t invited to the talks, said they didn’t feel obligated to the deal, Secretary of State John Kerry issued a statement warning Russia about it, and threatening sanctions to punish Russia for the protesters’ defiance of US demands.

Russia followed that up with a warning of their own that the US better not impose any sanctions, and that the threats were “absolutely unacceptable.” Officials added that the nation still has military forces along the border with eastern Ukraine and won’t accept a military offensive there.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry went on to term the US completely unreasonable, saying they were determined to blame Russia every time anything goes wrong in the Ukraine.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of