Netanyahu: Chance of Peace Fading, Palestinians to Blame

Demands Palestinians Make Immediate Concessions

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says that the chances of a peace deal with the Palestinians are fading, and that as usual it is totally the fault of the Palestinian Authority.

Netanyahu says recent PA statements amount to a “provocation” against the Israelis, and proves that the Palestinians aren’t willing to come to a “just agreement.”

The statements in question amounted to just saying they won’t accept Israeli demands to recognize them as a “Jewish state,” nor will they accept John Kerry’s proposal to have a “capital” in a tiny neighborhood near East Jerusalem, while letting Israel keep the city itself.

Netanyahu demanded again that the Palestinians prove they want peace by offering immediate concessions on all the issues, giving in on everything Israel wants, including abandoning all refugee claims, without getting any concessions of their own or moving toward statehood.

The PA has pointed out they already recognized Israel in 1993, and that they just object to the term “Jewish state” because of the potential consequences to the nation’s Arab minority.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of