Kerry at AIPAC: US Will Never Fail Israel

Insists US Will Oppose Any Boycotts

Delivering his address to the Israeli Lobby AIPAC’s policy conference, Secretary of State John Kerry downplayed the Israel-Palestinian peace process, rejecting the accusations that he is “obsessed” with reaching a deal, saying everything he did in that regard was for the betterment of Israel.

Kerry went on with the usual AIPAC policy proclamations, centering on the United States being unquestioningly pro-Israel on all topics for all time, no matter what may come.

Kerry followed up with a promise that the US in general and the State Department in particular would oppose all boycott efforts against Israel’s settlements, saying that such boycotts are “arbitrary and unwarranted.”

Kerry’s promise comes just two days after President Obama declared that the United States would not defend Israel from boycotts and sanctions if the current peace process fails. Obama’s warning was likely an empty threat, though Kerry’s pledge of support is likewise probably just meant for placating the AIPAC crowd.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of