Three US Drone Strikes Kill Four ‘Suspects’ in Yemen

Yemeni Officials Claim Major Strike in Abyan

A US drone strike was confirmed against the Shabwa Province of Yemen today, destroying a car and killing three people, wounding two others. All were labeled “terrorist suspects,” though none were identified.

Yemeni officials reported an ambush against a military patrol in Shabwa just hours before the incident, and suggested the two may be connected, though it’s unclear how a single car could’ve ambushed a whole military patrol.

It was one of three different apparent US drone strikes against Yemen today, with a strike in Maarib killing another “suspect,” and a third major strike in Abyan reported by Yemeni officials.

The Abyan strike appears to be the largest of the three, and included a number of casualties, though figures are not yet available on it. The Abyan hit destroyed several buildings and two vehicles.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of