Syrians Trade Blame as Homs Aid Talks Stall

Rebels Condemn Offers as a 'Ploy'

Both the Syrian government and the opposition Syrian National Coalition (SNC) agree in principle that something should be done about the siege of Homs, and that nothing is currently being done. Ask who’s fault it is, however, and you’ll get two different answers.

Both sides are much more interested in appearing open to a deal than in actually making one, but the biggest problem seems to be that the SNC and the rebel fighters are two entirely different factions, and what the SNC is negotiating isn’t necessarily going to be honored on the ground.

On the one hand, the Syrian government has insisted that all women and children are free to leave Homs, if the rebels will allow it, and they have promised humanitarian aid for those who flee. They have also said they will let aid into the city, subject to deals with the UN.

The opposition is condemning that as a ploy, and with the UN saying efforts to deliver food to Yarmouk refugee camp, another siege, too difficult with all the checkpoints, getting food into Homs looks to be a difficult task.

And then there’s the rebels. They’re rejecting the idea of letting women and children leave or opening up a humanitarian corridor, saying they will only accept a deal that fully ends the siege and accepts their control over the city going forward.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of