Israeli Settlers Campaign Against Peace Deal

'Don't Surrender to Kerry' Campaign Kicks Off

Israeli settlers group the Yesha Council has kicked off its official “Don’t Surrender to Kerry” campaign, urging Israelis and their political leadership not to reach any deal on Palestinian statehood.

The campaign includes media spots, banners, and organized public protests against peace talks, saying that reaching a deal amounts to “surrendering Israel’s security and national interests to John Kerry.”

The campaign is an extension of an early anti-Kerry campaign by the Yesha Council, which included videos of an actor portraying the US Secretary of State advising Israelis to use porcupines instead of toilet paper.

While the more moderate portions of Israel’s far-right coalition have tried to continue to notion that a peace process is being worked on, much of the coalition is openly averse to the very idea of peace, and politically influential settlers groups like this are the reason why.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of