Palestinians: US Offered to Send Troops to Jordan Valley Border

Israel Insists on Retaining Military Control of Region

The future of the Jordan Valley is a major part of the debate over what a future Palestinian state would look like. The valley would be the border between independent Palestine and Jordan.

The most recent US proposal, according to the Palestinians, is that American troops would guard the border under a peace deal between Israel and, Palestine.

Israel is opposed to the plan, and insists that even though its a border between two other countries, they want to maintain permanent and total military control over the Jordan Valley.

The Palestinians are apparently open to the idea of a US occupation of the area as a compromise, but will not accept a deal where Israel retains military control over their only border with another nation.

Israeli General Avi Mizrahi says that every time Israel has accepted “international forces” in the region “their output in the field was not what we wanted,” and that this meant Israel would only accept their own military controlling the border, even if its not their border.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of