Obama Praises NSA, Promises Future ‘Self-Restraint’

Concedes NSA 'Not Constrained by Laws'

The latest in a long line of interviews defending NSA surveillance came from President Obama on MSNBC today, during which he insisted the NSA is doing “a very good job” of not spying on Americans.

The pre-recorded comments were taped after the leak of the NSA tracking peoples’ movements worldwide, including many Americans. Obama insisted that the NSA was doing that because of terrorism, and that without it, weapons of mass destruction would be hitting the New York subway system.

Obama went on to dismiss concerns about overseas abuses, insisting the NSA is “not constrained by laws” on foreign surveillance and can do whatever it wants.

He followed this up with promises of unspecified “reforms,” while continuing to deny any wrongdoing. His comments suggested the reforms wouldn’t involve changing any actual laws or doing anything tangible, but would rather involve asking the NSA to show more “self-restraint” in some unspecified ways.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.