Kerry: Obama Willing to Attack Iran At Any Time

Defends Diplomacy While Playing Up Military Option

Only about 24 hours ago, the expectation was that a deal with Iran was imminent. The US was on board, Iran was on board. Everyone but France, who threw a monkey wrench into the plan at the last minute.

Today, Kerry found himself back in the “dual track” PR campaign, loudly defending diplomacy with Iran and then playing up the idea that President Obama is ready and willing to attack Iran at any moment.

That perplexing disconnect, between an administration that only yesterday was prepared for a signing ceremony and is now back to talking up war, reflects the ongoing attempt to placate both the pro-diplomacy crowd and those who were angry at the idea of a deal.

The sheer unreasonableness of the position also probably won’t help the administration’s credibility on the issue, as it seems ridiculous to think such an attack could happen, but inevitably adds to questions about the administration’s trustworthiness, since they seem fine either starting a war or making a deal, and are just looking to cash in politically on whichever they end up going with.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of