Israel: Iran Distracting World From Nuclear Work With Nuclear Talks

Israeli Media Issuing Increasingly Absurd Claims

Israeli Strategic Affairs Minister Yuval Steinitz angrily condemned Iranian President Hassan Rouhani today, accusing him of trying to “divert attention” from the ongoing international dispute over the Iranian nuclear program by spending so much time talking about that self-same program.

“The man is an expert with tricks,” Steinitz reasoned, arguing that all the talk about a nuclear-free Middle East amounted to an anti-Israel plot, since Israel is the only nation in the region with nuclear weapons.

Steinitz’s comments are just the latest in an array of Israeli comments condemning peace talks with Iran in general, and pushing Western nations to tell Iran, now that it has elected a pro-diplomacy president, that it is “too late” for diplomacy.

Some analysts inside Israel have warned the nation’s anti-peace policy is putting them in an ugly spot diplomatically, though with Israel’s domestic media reporting absurd falsehoods as absolute fact, the policy seems like it might have some currency.

Today alone Israeli outlets reported simultaneously that Iran already had nuclear weapons, and simultaneously that they believe Iran could make enough 92 percent uranium to make a bomb within 2 months, even though Iran has never even attempted enrichment beyond 20 percent.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of