Obama’s Speech Changes No Minds in Congress

Sen. Levin Warns Against Public Opposition Stopping Syria War

Sen. Carl Levin (D – MI) has today warned against the overwhelming public opposition to a US attack on Syria actually stopping them from approving the war, saying Congress has to threaten to attack Syria in some form in a future resolution.

Levin’s comments echoed those of other hawks, but the reality is that public opinion is driving the votes, especially in the House, and his position has lost. Congress will not approve a war on Syria.

President Obama’s Tuesday night speech was supposed to be the decisive case for war, and it too has failed, with nary an opponent of the war swayed by the comments, even if they reinforced the position of the few hawks out there like Levin.

This week was to be the war party’s great victory, turning the tide of a war weary public as AIPAC threw its weight behind the war to ensure Congressional support. Ultimately, all of that has only increased public opposition to the war, and the defeat of the resolution in Congress is more apparent than ever, assuming the hawks ever bother to even attempt a vote. Six more Senators are now “no” votes, and four more in the House just since the speech, suggesting the momentum continues, but against the war.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.