Point of No Return: US Says Nothing Can Stop Them Attacking Syria

Timing Remains Unclear, But Officials Reluctant to Wait

US officials say that they have passed the “point of no return” on their plans to attack Syria, and that nothing can stop them from starting the war anymore. This comes in spite of growing international opposition, a dwindling set of allies, and officials conceding they don’t actually know who ordered the putative chemical weapons strike.

The United Nations wanted just a few extra days to finish their inspection and have real evidence, something the US vehemently opposes. It’s sheer reasonableness convinced the British parliament, however, and now they’re also wanting to wait.

On the one hand the US would clearly like to have Britain along as proof of “international support,” but waiting risks the UN evidence disproving their allegations, and that’s something the administration clearly wants to avoid.

Thus while it may not happen on Thursday, as initially expected, the US strike is likely to begin before this weekend is out to preempt the UN, and is almost certain to happen before September 9, when Congress returns to session.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.