More Egypt Protests Called After Bloody Crackdown on Friday

Muslim Brotherhood Vows to Resist Junta With Week-Long Rallies

Wednesday’s massacres gave way to mass protests across Egypt on Friday, and the military junta responded, as they did before, with live ammunition and massive death tolls, another 100 people killed Friday, but the Muslim Brotherhood insists their protests will continue.

The leadership, at least what’s left of it after three days of killings and weeks of arrests, is calling for another week full of protests, saying the massacres made them all the more determined not to let the junta remain in power.

The Muslim Brotherhood says they are determined to continue with non-violent protests and the major turnout they managed Friday despite the threats of more police attacks suggest they can sustain it.

In the meantime, the junta seems to be trying to prepare the public for continued massacres, using state media outlets to hype the idea that the protesters are “terrorists” and must be wiped out at all costs.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of