Global Outrage in Wake of Egypt Massacres

US Condemns Killings, Urges Junta to 'Show Restraint'

The international outrage that was conspicuously lacking during the July military coup in Egypt has finally shown up after police attacked civilian protesters demanding the return of the elected government, killing hundreds and wounding thousands.

The condemnation was virtually universal, with nations across the world denouncing the massacre. Multiple nations, led by Turkey, called for international action, saying it was time for the UN Security Council and the Arab League to step up on a matter they have so far shrugged off.

The Obama Administration, which had so far been cheering the junta on, even issued statements condemning the massacres, with the White House adding a call for the military to “show restraint” in the future.

With President Obama on vacation, the response is being handled mostly by Secretary of State John Kerry, and opponents are quick to note that Kerry had been openly praising the junta just two weeks ago, with Sen. John McCain (R – AZ), one of only a handful of Senators to criticize the coup, saying Kerry bears some responsibility for the crackdown.

Whatever the political fallout domestically, the massacres are another black eye for the US internationally, as the Obama Administration has been seen strongly on the side of military rule, and even overtly defying a US ban on military aid to juntas on the grounds that they wanted to maintain influence with the new rulers. Instead of influence, they may have just bought themselves a piece of the blame.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of