Officials Promise Some NSA Surveillance Documents Will Be Declassifed

Justice Dept Also Agrees to 'Review' Court Order to Declassify Yahoo Files

US officials say that certain details of the NSA surveillance programs that have been unveiled by Edward Snowden will come to light “as early as next week” when some of the documents related to the program and FISA oversight will be declassified.

Exactly how much will be declassified remains to be seen, and it is perhaps telling that the administration official who confirmed the release himself insisted on speaking only “on condition of anonymity.”

The declassification move reflects public outrage and growing disquiet within Congress about the surveillance, at the same time when the administration is looking to harshly crack down on all public releases of information as a threat to “national security.”

Reflecting that desperation to maintain secrecy even as they try to give the appearance of transparency, officials say that they have agreed to “review” a court order obliging them to hand over classified documents related to Yahoo’s challenge to being ordered to join the NSA PRISM scheme. A court ordered the documents released two weeks ago, and they say the review will take at least two months, and may never result in any release of documents.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of