Insider Attack: Afghan Soldier Attacks NATO Convoy, Killing One

Five Others Reported Wounded in the Attack

An Afghan soldier, identified as Lamber Khan, opened fire on a passing NATO convoy in Kandahar Province today, killing one NATO soldier and wounding five others. The slain soldier has been identified as coming from the Czech Republic.

NATO’s statement would only say the attacker was wearing an “Afghan National Security Force uniform” but Afghan officials confirmed he was a soldier with the Afghan military, and has been arrested.

They are downplaying speculation that the attack could have been a Taliban infiltration, saying they believe Khan was simply “disgruntled” with the foreign occupation and that this prompted the attack.

It is the first “green on blue” insider attack in over a month, as NATO forces have limited their direct contact with Afghan military forces recently. Other insider attacks involving Afghan soldiers or police killing other Afghans have continued, however, with the Taliban regularly bragging about its ability to infiltrate the Afghan security forces, who are desperate to keep recruitment numbers up and loathe to ask too many questions.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of