UN: Israeli Troops Systematically Torture Palestinian Children

Israel: Report Is 'Redundant'

The United Nations Committee on the Right of the Child has issued a report today faulting the Israeli military for its “systematic” abuse of Palestinian children, noting that it not only routinely denies Palestinians basic rights, but also regularly tortures them during detention.

Palestinian children who get detained are interrogated in Hebrew, a language virtually none of them speak, and if they are ever to be released they are forced to sign a “confession” to whatever crimes the Israeli military pleases. Again, the confession is in Hebrew, so they have no clue what they’re confessing to.

Physical and verbal abuse are the orders of the day in Israeli military custody, as are arbitrary detentions and confessions extracted by threats of rape or execution, either of themselves or their families.

Incredibly, the Israeli Foreign Ministry didn’t appear to question the contents of the report, but only faulted the committee on the grounds that UNICEF had pointed out the exact same thing several months ago, and they felt it was “redundant” to keep pointing it out.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.