Karzai Pulls Out of Afghan Peace Talks

Insists US-Taliban Talks Only Benefit 'Foreigners'

Just one day after the Taliban opened an office in Qatar and announced what was being called a very promising tripartite negotiation with the US and the Karzai government, Karzai has angrily announced his withdrawal from the talks, while condemning them entirely.

The latest row reportedly centers on the Taliban’s office, and Karzai’s objection to the Taliban calling it a “political office of the Islamic Emirate” while flying the flag of Taliban-run Afghanistan. He fears that the Taliban are setting themselves up as a parallel government, which of course they are, but they have been since the 2001 occupation began.

Karzai also condemned the US in the talks, saying they were designed only to benefit the “foreigners’ strategies and goals.” He also claimed the Taliban are colluding with foreign elements to destabilize his government.

The US State Department insists the tripartite talks will go on with just the two remaining sides, and that they will continue to consult with the Karzai government on certain matters relating to any talks.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.